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filipino catering menu



lumpiang shanghai (FRIED)*

Ground pork, shrimp & vegetables tucked into egg roll wrappers then deep fried to a golden perfection 

Served with sweet chili dipping sauce

Can substitute pork for beef/chicken

lumpiang sariwa (fresh)*

Pork, shrimp & vegetable wrapped in soft, thin egg crepe

 Served with sweet & savory sauce with crushed peanuts

Can substitute pork for chicken

camaron rebosado

Deep fried battered shrimp

Served with sweet & sour sauce


Crispy deep-fried fritters made with glutinous rice batter,  tiny shrimp & various vegetables

Served with sawsawan

barbecue sticks

Your choice of chicken or pork in filipino style bbq marinade. Skewered & grilled for a charred yet juicy portable meal; perfect for your next dance party


Deep fried breaded squid rings

Served with sweet chili dipping sauce & lemon slices

*= Vegetarian options available

Sawsawan = homemade tangy dipping sauce consisting of vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, onion, sugar, pepper & chillies

Ulam = main dish of a meal, usually paired with rice, and perfectly so

All Purpose Sauce = our homemade version of Mang Tomas, the favorite filipino lechon liver sauce