(ˈpiˌnī ) noun

a woman of Filipino origin or descent; a Filipina.


cuisine for the 

new york city 


p'ny catering is Bringing the Joy to every occasion by serving some Filipino soul, bowl by bowl.
  • plan.

    If you crave more than what’s on our menu, we’ll be glad to whip up a specialized menu based on your individual taste.

  • prepare.

    P’NY offers a wide selection of authentic filipino dishes, cooked fresh & ready to be the life

    of your party.

  • deliver.

    P’NY can cook AND DRIVE. WHAAAAAT?!


    For a small delivery fee, we will drop off the food prior to your event time.

  • serve.

    p'ny strives to provide the best experience for our clients' tastebuds.

    let p'ny set it all up for you & then #letherfeedyou.


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